Can you see phone software/operation system in NGL hints?

Can you see phone software/operation system in NGL hints?

In a recent video transcript, the question of whether one can determine the software or operation system of a phone through NGL hints was raised. The answer, according to the speaker, is yes. Let's delve into the details.

When it comes to iPhones, if you upgrade your device, you will notice a specific software version displayed. For instance, the speaker mentions seeing "iOS 16.2." This level of specificity indicates that it is not just the generic iOS, but a particular iteration of it. This can be quite helpful in understanding which version of iOS someone is using.

To support this claim, the speaker even mentioned taking a screenshot of the software version displayed. This suggests that NGL hints provide a visual representation of the software or operating system running on an iPhone.

Similarly, for Android devices, the speaker mentions that NGL hints can reveal the Android version. Using the example of "Android 10," the speaker highlights how this information can be useful, especially if you need to know the software version someone is using.

While the video transcript doesn't delve into the specific steps or methods to access these NGL hints, the overall message is clear – NGL hints can offer insights into the software or operation system of a phone.

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself curious about which software or operating system a phone is running on, NGL hints may provide you with the information you seek. Whether it's identifying the precise version of iOS on an iPhone or the Android version on an Android device, these hints can be a useful tool. As technology continues to advance, it's reassuring to know that even subtle clues like NGL hints can provide valuable information about the world of smartphones.

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