Can you see stats for your bots in app?

Can you see stats for your bots in a app?

If you've been wondering whether you can monitor the performance of your bots in a Character AI app, the answer is unfortunately no. As mentioned in a video transcript, the app is still in its beta version, and thus lacks some of the more detailed analytics and statistics that users may be hoping for.

However, fear not, as there is an alternative option available. Enter Chai, another app that allows you to create AI bots. Unlike Character AI, Chai has been in development for a bit longer and offers a few basic analytics to give you insight into your bot's interactions.

In Chai, you can track essential metrics such as the number of chat openings and the number of conversations started with your bot. Although it may not provide an extensive range of analytics, it does offer some useful data points to gauge user engagement.

Upon exploring the Chai app, you'll find similar features to Character AI. For instance, you can create and manage bots, and even delve into conversation analytics. However, it remains uncertain whether Chai provides metrics such as rank, messages sent, engagement percentage, and median conversation lengths that are available in the Character AI app.

So, while the Character AI app may lack detailed stats for your bots at the moment, the existence of Chai demonstrates that there are alternatives with varying levels of analytics available. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect further advancements and improvements in bot analytics for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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