Can you see WHO ANSWERED A POLL ABOUT YOU in GAS app? Thoughts

here is Gaz app and can can you see who answered a poll about you so that's obviously the top question that the whole point of the app that people answer uh in these Anonymous polls and then you just get flames in your inbox um so how to know who answered the ball About You by default in a free version gas app only shows the Great and the gender of the person who voted for you so everyone feels comfortable sharing compliments with each other however you can upgrade to God mode but before upgrading to God mode let's let's uh go into detail with the gender so Flames can be three colors can be pink when a girl picks you a blue and a boy picks you and purple and a non-binary person picks you so this itself can give you you know um a lot of insight like just maybe you have like not that many girls in your class or not many boys or non-binary person and if you see that this is like someone from 10th grade a girl from 10th grade that already will limit the amount of uh like you know potential people significantly so you have like five girls in 10th Grade so just only one of them and you can see that like 20 people answered the polars or like you know uh so or like you know that you know 30 people in your grade that uh Narrows is only to five people already but then you really really want to know who exactly answered that Paul about you and it really bothers you to know so you need to upgrade to God mode this is their like base subscription similar as they have in other uh anonymous apps like NGO not gonna lie app or some other apps and yeah if you upgrade to it you will have unlimited hints um feature one you can see the first letter of someone who voted for you so still you won't be able to see the full name but at least you can see the first letter uh so and yeah by now in gender and grade and the first letter is already pretty close so it's in my previous example for example if you had like five girls from 10th grade you can see that like uh yeah like one like is the the first name starts in letter a and that that can exactly like narrow your search but what if you have like two boys or two girls whose name is starting on a um then there is another feature to bonus reveals this is the full name of someone who voted for you twice so if someone voters for you twice in multiple polls you can just easily reveal the full name and that's it so that's easily done uh just this way uh then yeah so that's basically how you can see who liked you um then there is double coins and earn double coins when voting on polls why do you need these coins so by spending coins you can appear in mobiles so that's another strategy so you're getting more coins or you can buy more coins so here you can just purchase more coins in the shop and then um yeah by purchasing these coins you appear more often in the polls and the person can select you more than once and if the person selects you twice again you will just see the full name so another strategy is just to spend a lot of coins and that person will your name will appear in nepals more often and then if you're selected multiple times you will just use the full name cross Alerts get notified when someone adds themselves to your polls um so you can see that as well Anonymous mode and send Paul's 100 anonymously so that's not relevant feature to this but that's that uh how do I get God mode god mode can be purchased by tapping the button see who likes you on your inbox or inside of a poll you have received it is currently being rolled out to a limited number of users so check back to see if you have it so you can also do that uh yeah so uh this is these are the things uh which you can try out unfortunately uh unfortunately god mode is not yet available to everyone like um yeah this app itself is not available to to all states in United States and it's not rolled out globally and not in all schools and God mode is also like a better feature where it's only available to like specific users so yeah that's basically the idea these are just some suggestions which you can try and of course all of it just depends like how many members in your school you have this app is just being built and in some schools you can have like you know 20 members five members in other schools you can have like thousands or like depends on the size of school and of course if there is a poll of like like you know 20 people and you have like uh three voices three girls so like whatever you can already fairly easily identify who answers pause about you but if if you have more people it can become more difficult so yeah I was just just to try out this app uh you know play with it and then you will find the way it's not that complicated if you have any other ideas have to see who liked you or who who answered the poll about you just leave it in the comments below

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