Can you see who sent you vibes in Lapse app?

Lapse app has gained significant popularity with its unique features and user-friendly interface. However, one question that many users have been asking is whether it is possible to see who sent them vibes in the app.

Upon exploring the app, it becomes evident that there is currently no straightforward way to identify who sent vibes to a user. In the video transcript, the user expresses their confusion about discovering the senders of their received vibes. While they can see the number of vibes they have received on their profile, the app does not provide a direct means to identify the sender.

When accessing a friend's profile or checking the inbox, the user mentions that they can see activity and reactions from others. However, the feature to display the senders of vibes seems to be absent from these sections. This lack of visibility regarding the source of vibes has left users wondering if it is intentionally designed to be an anonymous feature or if there is a feature they haven't yet discovered.

The user speculates that it might be possible to receive notifications about the sender of vibes in the future. Notifications, being an essential part of app interactions, could potentially serve as a means to reveal the identity behind each vibe. While this is a plausible assumption, it is important to note that the user is merely speculating and that the app's developers have not provided any official statement regarding this feature.

As Lapse app continues to gain popularity, the question of who sent the vibes remains unanswered. The user in the video concludes that, at present, it is likely that the app does not provide a way to directly see the senders of vibes. They ask viewers to share any suggestions or insights in the comments section, as they are genuinely curious about this feature and keen to learn if others have discovered a workaround.

It is worth mentioning that anonymous features have become increasingly common in various apps and platforms, allowing users to express themselves without revealing their identities. Whether Lapse app intentionally adopted this approach for the vibes feature remains uncertain.

As the app evolves and receives feedback from its user base, it is possible that the developers will consider adding the ability to see who sent vibes. Until then, users will have to continue enjoying the anonymous nature of vibes and find other ways to engage with the app.

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