Can you send CENTS in Cash App?

In case you're sending money on Cash App, so how to send cents. So yeah, you can do that. So if you, for example, you want to send $10, 50 cents. So here is just a little dot, and then you just enter in cent amount. So maybe it's completely obvious, but yeah, it's like, it's different design everywhere, and some people are a bit confused, I guess. So yeah, like 25, and then you can send up to one cent. So there is no limitation that you can only send like dot 50 cents or dot something is divisible by 10 cents or stuff like that. So yeah, you can easily send like $25, one cent, $25, eight cent, whatever. So yeah, there are many occasions where you just need that additional flexibility to send with cents. So 80 cents, for example. Yeah, so hope that is helpful.

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