Can you send different pictures to different friends in Locket Widget?

hello so lock it widget app is going viral but i'm just going here through the reviews and looking for what features people are interested in and one of the most popular requests is this uh but i wish there was a way to send different pictures to individual friends and have different videos for separate people uh and if there is already a way to do that i'm missing it would be great appreciate if someone helped me figure it out so at the moment i can't figure it out i don't think that this feature to send different pictures to individual friends is there um so yeah i think maybe it will be in future releases but yeah it's it's just completely my subjective thought uh so yeah it's not possible you can just have your friends here add a new friend uh but can you then just send and then you just send pictures and the same pictures appear to all your friends so it's kind of your live feed of photos and if you have five friends they all will receive your same photos and if you add a widget uh also like there is no way to add a separate widget to each of your friends so they they can only have one widget your friends and they will receive the same photo stream from you and their friends in one widget so it is also not possible at the moment but yeah a lot of people i think this is the most requested feature to have both like separate videos for each of your friends and the ability to send different photos to each of your friends uh so that would be amazing feature if you know how to do it just leave it in the comments below it will be really big help a lot of people are looking for this but i don't know i don't think this is included here hope that was helpful

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