Can you SEND GROUP MESSAGES in NOTEIT Drawing app?

okay so can you send group messages in noted app i'm just going here through the reviews of the app and there are a lot of requests around it personally i think group chats would make the app more enjoyable for friends who are in groups of two and more if you happen to read this please consider the idea for the better of the people who wanted to use this with their friend groups and their reply to this is hey there are thanks for your review groups is a feature that is currently in progress the app is in early stages and i'm a solo developer so please bear with me um so yeah that's the feature at this moment you can only add one friend or partner like to use this app so you can have one phone where you will have this widget displayed you can't you can't add more people and you can add group pictures and all of that like in locate widget app which is a similar app you can add like up to five people and in the moment you could only be able to send like the same photo to the all five people here my bit will be same maybe there is like a option to add more people but then you just send in the same note to everyone but maybe in the future you can be divided and send this photo to different different groups so overall uh thank you for watching if you have this concern just maybe reach out to developer or maybe just buy it a bit because yeah this is a small team doing this app so hope that can be helpful

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