Can you send messages in JPAY app?

Heather can you send messages or emails in GPI app so here you have it um so it seems you can't send messages as messages you can only send emails so send and receiving emails and then you can get new email notifications send emails to multiple recipients uh um and then you can also attach and send photos send just a photo with SNAP and send send a 30 second video gram but you need to pay for that so you need to buy stamps to send an email and you need to do that with your credit debit card once or schedule recurring transfers so yep that's one of those apps which actually works um yeah with any incarcerators individuals and because yeah otherwise you won't be just able to to reach out so yeah um you need to up like create an account in this app and then add your credit debit card and then purchase stamps and then you will be able to send emails it's not possible to send messages like as you can send in messenger or something like that um so yeah you can also prepay for any mail reply or transfer stamps so other person also needs to to reply to an email also needs to have stamps or credit available so you need you can prepare for that hope that is helpful

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