Can you SEND MESSAGES or DMs in NoteIt app?

here is noted app so can you send messages can you dm anyone in this app unfortunately i don't think it is possible so it is only possible to draw these kind of notes um so yep something like that it's not possible to send dms or to send messages in this app um so [Music] yep basically there you have it nope it's not possible hopefully the developers are working on this feature and it will be available soon but no guarantees so if you are interested in the messages in these widgets there is an app which is called whiteboard widget messaging app so uh right on your friends home screen so here uh yeah you can kind of send messages just by writing some text like so you can write text and then you can just put it here and then you can send this message to your friends and then it will appear in the widget so this is the closest alternative i can think of if you want to send messages then there is a another app which is called widget share where you can add photos and you can also add text so here for example this is some like stupid photos but you can just select brush in the top right and then you can just write the message here and then you can just drag it around or you can just create a picture and then basically that's how it works um so that's basically the idea uh that you can also just draw add text here and send it and it will appear similar to noted widget but just with text so something like that uh so there are a bunch of apps in this category right now there is locket widget but that's just for the photos um yeah so as far as i know that's what you can do but you can't send the amps at this moment but what would be even the point of sending the amps you can always send dm in whatsapp or you know like messenger whatever you're using um but yeah the whole point here is just to use like a widget so the cool part would be just you know if you can just add text in the noted widget and then with this text you can just send it send it over something like that uh leave your ideas below this video thank you for watching

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