Here is NoteIt app which is going viral. It's similar to Locket widget where you can just send a note to your friend and then it will just appear on their home screen in the widget. Super cool idea.

But the question is, can you also send some images here or can you send pictures from your camera roll? Can you give access to photos or something else? No.

As I understand at this moment, you can only send these drawing notes. And if you go to the app settings, usually if there is a possibility to give access to camera or to give access to your photos, it would be here. So it's not here. The conclusion is, you can't send photos from your camera roll or from your camera in this app. So these are only notes.

If you want to send photos, you can use Locket widget app which is called Locket. And here you can send photos, camera, and all that. But in Locket you can't send notes. I think it would be ideal if these two apps just merged together or maybe one app can just buy another app or something and it can be a huge app actually. And you can also add some other features, maybe some short GIFs or some clips. That would be amazing.

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