hello so um so i'm just reading some reviews and suggestions for the locate widget app um so one of the most requested features in the app is the ability to send to select people to who you can send these photos the ability to send photos to separate groups so basically if you open locket widget app like if i just uh record something like this or let's just say i will just send like a test locket and then i just send i can't really select to who i'm sending this locket basically i'm sending it to all of my friends and then i can just see in the history so i just send it here um so that's basically it um and yep then i just can [Music] see my friends and then that i i'm sending this to to all of my friends so i can't choose it um so that's the idea um so unfortunately this feature is not available here so you can add maximum file friends and the locket or the folder you're sending you're sending to all of your friends at the at the same time it is not possible to have separate groups of friends or just send lock it to your specific friend and basically the photo which you send the same photo will appear across all your friends home widgets so that's basically the some feature which is needed probably to be developed um but maybe it will be released in future i don't know

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