Can you send to GROUPS in LOCKET WIDGET?

so here is locket widget and a lot of people are asking can you send to groups of people uh because if you go to your friends menu you have friends and you can add up to 10 friends also a lot of people asking if it's possible to add more than 10 no it's not at the moment this is the maximum limit but basically you can either send so for example here is a test picture so you can either send to like okay i just have one friend but you can send either to all or to individual profiles but i would like to also have like groups like friends family work colleagues like friends from running or fitness friends like whatever and then just have like a group of three people there group of five people there group of don't know two people there so it's like different groups but at this moment as i understand you can only select like either individual friends or all everyone um or or just select one by one like every time so if i want if i have a group of sound friends i need to select seven friends each time so not sure if you can select the group in the locket widget so that's an interesting request like that's what people are asking in the app reviews not sure if you can do it right now in the app

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