Can you send UNLIMITED MESSAGES in Chai App?

so to send unlimited messages in in chai app unfortunately the only way to do that is yeah is to upgrade here and just get premium um so yeah you can get annual 130 134.99 or monthly 13.99 there is no other way around it um so that's that however they recently changed this little feature so before like just a few days ago uh you were able to send 100 messages but they were set every 24 hours now this reset happens every 8 hours so actually right now you can send 300 messages per day in fact but you will just need to wait eight hours when you send a hundred messages so that's a bit annoying so if you're chatting you send 100 messages you need to wait another eight hours so if it annoys you of course then the only way to do that is to get premium to upgrade however if you go to app reviews a lot of people are asking to sit for this feature and to just increase the number of messages you can send to at least you know 500 or something per 8 hours so something like that but not sure if the developers will do that but so there you have it

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