Can you SET A USERNAME in Locket Widget app?

here is locate widget app so do you have username here uh so if i just tap in top right you can see all the menu here um you can see you know terms of service privacy policy send feedback how to add the widget and yeah all of that but [Music] yeah seems there is no option to change your username or even change your full name so i don't think it is possible so you can also just see history uh you can see all friends like you can delete photos you can send reactions comment here you can just see all the history by days but yep it's it's not possible to um to change username because your name is basically how you are displayed in uh in your contact book on iphone because basically locket widget just gets your full name from uh yeah from your contact books from your phone book here as you have it so that's here in contacts so basically that's your name um so yep something around that and it's not what's possible to add a username here

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