Can you share NGL link in TikTok STORY?

here is ngr link so i was just wondering can you share this link on tick tock or on tick tock story so if i just copy it here then i can just go to tick tock and then i tap stickers so in on tick tock there is no link button as you have on instagram stories so there are just some things like that and also in the text it's not possible to add link like that so the only thing you can do is just you know like uh past it here in in and then you will just have it you will have it just as a text so you can just add something like angel link and then your username and then it will look like that but people won't be able to click it so what can we try to do else so let's try also story and then [Music] so if i want to add sticker i can only mention but i can just mention other users [Music] and then yep so unfortunately it's not possible to add this as a link either to your tik tok video or tick tock story um this is just like the functionality of tick tock they don't have this link button unfortunately so if you have any other ideas if you for example if you have like 30 followers on instagram but you have like 50 000 on tick tock of course you want to share it on your tick tock and see what happens but yeah that's what it is you can try to to add it to your tik tok bio but again in the tick tock bio links are not clickable and you will have them only as a text um so that's that yeah so that's just like an overuse that's just a thought i have as i had maybe i was thinking might be yeah it's possible to have some integration with uh with stick talk so hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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