Can you share sendit link on Instagram?

so can you share send it prompt on uh instagram um this app is originally built for snapchat and then you just have the snapchat button in the bottom and if you tap it it shares this prompt on on snapchat story but what if i just want to copy link and put it in my instagram bio or like post it in in some facebook group i'm on my friends and i just want their opinion on something i have no idea how to actually yeah generate this link um so yep um that's basically that so if if you have any idea how it's possible to share it on instagram just leave it in the comments below because for example there is another competitor app alternative it's just called ngl where you can copy link and then you can share this link just by attaching as a link on instagram story and of course you can share this link on snapchat just by attaching link to snapchat story uh other than that um yeah

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