Can you signup with email in obimy app?

um so here is obimi app which is going viral on tick tock and one of the question is like can um can you sign up without a phone number just with email um so and people ask anything it it would help by adding a mail option just a phone number and the developer response is we use phone number because it's most universal way to registrations for all users around the world so if i try to log out here and then i want to log in you will see at this moment it's only possible to do with a phone number there is no email field so you can't create an account with apple id or with google or facebook or snapchat just phone numbers unfortunately there you have it uh so in some cases what you can do if you don't have phone number for some reason you can use some apps like text now or something and then just sign up create your phone number here and then just sign up there hope that is helpful

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