Can you still export Zenly data in summer 2023?

If you're someone who is curious about being able to export your Zenly data, you may have to accept some bad news. The process was once possible, but it appears that it may no longer be available.

According to a Zenly support article located on, you used to be able to download your data by opening Zenly, going to settings, requesting help, and letting the support team know that you'd like to download your data. You would then be notified once the data was ready for download. However, it's unclear if this process is still functioning.

If you attempt to contact Zenly's customer support team through the Zenly community, you'll quickly realize that it's no longer a viable option. This means that you can no longer ask for assistance or clarification on past support articles.

Sadly, it appears that you may have missed your window for exporting your Zenly data if you failed to do so before the app shut down. While there may be ideas circulating about how to export in 2023, there isn't a clear path forward at this time. So it's best to assume that your Zenly data is no longer accessible.

If you are looking to transfer your social media data to a new app such as Jagat or BFF, unfortunately, it looks like you may have to start over. Keeping this in mind, it's always a good idea to stay informed on any app updates that may impact your ability to access or export your data. Meanwhile, you can explore other apps and platforms that offer similar features to those found on Zenly.

In conclusion, while it may have been possible to export Zenly data in the past, current circumstances suggest that this feature may no longer be an option. If you failed to export your data before the app shut down, it's safe to assume that you will no longer have access to it. It's best to keep an eye on future updates regarding this matter and stay informed about any new information that surfaces.

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