Can you subscribe to Twitter Blue on new accounts?

can you set up Twitter blue on new accounts I'm just doing some research here and seems like that on the official Twitter page they just say that Twitter accounts created on or after November 9th will be unable to subscribe to Twitter blue at this time so this is why you can interest in development I don't know yeah like yeah when they will be able to subscribe or anything like that but seems like this is just um the like you know the development by Elon Musk like he wants to avoid as many Bots account as possible to make the Twitter app as clean as possible without all this you know like bot farms and all of that so of course if you can upgrade to Twitter blue uh uh and become verified uh then you know some some people who would want to purchase like 100 accounts and you know just verify hundreds of them but then uh you you won't be able to do that obviously because new accounts won't be eligible for that so that's that uh hope it is helpful

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