Can you swipe through or change notes in NoteIt drawing app?

here is noted app uh someone asked in the app reviews uh that is it possible to swipe through previous notes like i don't think it is possible like it will be really cool feature to add maybe developer can see that i just tap and hold on the this home widget and then i just want to like swipe it uh because maybe i don't like this note might be i just want some some other note and i i just want to swipe to previous note that would be amazing because imagine if i have this widget on my home screen and then someone sends this note which i really don't like or something else and then i just want to swipe to the previous note and yeah i don't know how to do that i don't think it's possible i don't know if you can unscent notes or something like that on this app i was just just trying to figure this out so probably the best way maybe you can write support at naughty dot cc and then developer can reply to you directly

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