Can you switch off TikTok notifying when you add videos to favorites?

can you switch off the tick tock feature where creators get notified about the videos being favored by you so creators are notified when you add their videos to favorites that's a new feature on Tick Tock and I as Creator and Tick Tock I just have some videos there by the way follow me here this is my account so I've started to receive this notification in inbox recently that this user Fiverr added my video to Fiverr is this user edit my video to favorites before I just receive notification when someone like my video or someone who visited my profile but now I also have that I didn't opt into that I didn't do any changes tiktok just started to show me as a Creator and if you post any videos on Tick Tock you should be able to see that in your inbox activities uh so that's that and yeah so you can't turn that off uh unfortunately so people are a bit stressed out about it so that's basically it

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