Can you take a photo with volume buttons in Locket widget app?

so on iphone it is possible to take photo with the volume buttons and it's quite a useful feature so but here i'm just trying it out and it doesn't work in like it widget app so i'm pressing it nothing happening so it's only possible to take um yet to take a picture like that um and that's it so that's what you can do um yeah so you can only take picture with your like camera button and the lock it widget not in other way and you can't upload photos so this is like app which is quite focused on this one pictures of sending live photos and other other features of people asking for the zoom feature some people asking for maybe for more filters or some like adding emojis or drawings it's not all of this is not available yet probably maybe it will be released at some point in the future but of course i'm not in the development team there so i don't know so that's that

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