hello here is the question and noted drawing app can you add text it says i've been using the app for maybe not even a week yet it's cute and has lots of variety in colors the only scene that i hope that eventually is text it's kind of hard to write on there and that's the only option there is a little bit flag so you'll forever have bad handwriting and it's still a sweet app so specifically i'm talking about this app and you can send notes to each other using this app but there is no text option would be really nice update because yeah at this moment i can only if i want to write something it's actually pretty hard like you know it's the same as drawing in your notes so it's it's hard to write complicated words and all of that um maybe just short phrases is okay but as i understand you can't add text so therefore you just need to erase all of this and just start from the beginning like it would be really nice if you can just add text also ideally just also to add the image from camera roll or just take a photo so basically if someone would combine locket widget app and this app together that would be a really amazing app i think so other than that uh that's the app that stay over you definitely try it out i think there will be updates coming to this app and there will be a lot of bug fixes so definitely give it a try

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