Can you UNDO a tweet on Twitter?

everyone in case you are wondering can you undo tweets um so here twitter is working on a new service subscription service which is called twitter blue where you will have all this additional features where you can undo to it if you like if you type or forgot to tag someone give yourself time to make changes to your tweet before it goes live so basically it's not added into it but you can undo it so i think you'll be typed to it and then you will have like few seconds where you can just try and change it it's similar i think that's like in gmail if they have this feature like you on other email providers and then email and during like five seconds or something you can just undo send so that feature will be there uh it's i think it's not still possible to add it to it because your tweet for example can go viral you can get like 50 000 likes and then you just change one little word which completely change the context of the whole tweet and yeah after that it doesn't make sense anymore so i think that's one of the reasons as twitter explains i guess why they don't want to introduce a long awaited added button but here you can undo tweet and it will be part of twitter blue subscription service so the idea is you will need to buy like five or ten bucks per per month for twitter and then get access to all these features it's not live yet it's in the bata but it will be somewhere like in feature settings and do tweet so there you have it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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