Can you UNDO DRAWING in NoteIt drawing widget?

is not a drawing app so can you undo so i can just undo my drawing like this just by tapping the arrows in the bottom part like that so for example if i draw something here uh then i can just undo or redo okay so there is some bugs when i'm trying to undo and then redo and it's just redoubt from the previous drawing so something like that so again let's just try it out so i'm just trying to draw this and then i'm just trying to undo now it works so still it's a little bit buggy but overall it seems to work yeah just in case there you have it so the drawing tool is kind of like similar to nodes app it's it's still a bit limited but it does the main job uh there is no like paint bucket tool or like a lasso tool or anything like that but hopefully it will come in future

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