Have you ever wondered if it's possible to unsend a Vibe on the Lapse app? Let's find out. In this video transcript, we will explore the functionality of the Lapse app and whether it allows users to retract their sent Vibes.

The Lapse app provides a platform for users to send and receive Vibes. These Vibes are represented by wipes within the app. When someone sends you a Vibe, you can see it as a wipe in your account. To reciprocate, you can go to another user's account and send them a wipe by simply tapping on the wipe button. However, the question remains - can you unsend a wipe once you've sent it?

Based on the video transcript, it appears that undoing a sent wipe on Lapse app is not currently possible. The user attempts to tap on the wipe again to see if it can be retracted, but unfortunately, this action does not yield any results. Once a wipe is sent, it seems that it cannot be unsent.

This limitation is important to keep in mind while using the Lapse app. If you intend to send a wipe to a friend, you should be aware that there is no option to retract it. Once you hit that send button, the wipe is on its way and cannot be undone.

As technology continues to evolve, app developers often introduce new features and updates. It's possible that in the future, the Lapse app may incorporate the ability to unsend Vibes. However, for the time being, users must consider their actions carefully when sending wipes on the app.

In conclusion, the Lapse app does not currently provide a way to unsend a wipe. If you're using this app to communicate with friends, be mindful of what you send, as there is no option to retract or delete a sent wipe. We hope this article has provided clarification on the functionality of the Lapse app and its limitations.

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