Can you UPLOAD A BEREAL when posting?

here is burial app can you applaud be real so for example just not using your camera but you know tap some upload and upload from your camera roll or for example you have your previous burial taken you deleted it and it saved in your memories and now you want to re-upload it or you had some big nice picture um all of that no it's not possible that's the whole point of the app that you need you have two minutes to take very spontaneous and maybe not that elegant photo just be super authentic and take the photo where you're hanging out either you're in transport sitting at office like sitting on the sofa eating just taking like whatever you're you're doing so it's not instagram otherwise this app would become instagram if people would be able to upload like perfect photos or well polished photoshopped photos of some landscapes then it will quickly lose the point of this authenticity so that's how i understand it i hope it is helped

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