Can you upload longer videos in Velomingo app?

here's fellow minigo app so let's discover if you can upload longer videos on what Amigo so let's just create new project and here I have a couple of videos okay let's just select this video it doesn't matter it's just random vertical video which is like one here's the Domingo app what you need to do to cancel subscription so if you do I'm just doing an overview of alamingo app and then as you can see this video cuts the original one minute Samsung video uh to 14 seconds so that's that's a bit annoying and that's one of the main uh questions which users have visual Domingo apps that it cuts the the video here so um here's velomenco app then you can see effect and some effects are even cutting it to like six seconds so you can also explore other templates so yeah unfortunately while I mean Go app seems like it's just cutting out the oh here's valomingo so as you can see here it's cutting out so yeah there you have it that's that

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