Can you upload photos from Camera Roll in BeReal app?

Bereal upload from camera roll

When you are posting on Bereal app, you can only take photos from camera.

It is not possible to upload existing photos or videos from camera roll in Bereal app.

Why you can't upload from camera roll to Bereal?

The whole idea of Bereal app is to Be Real. In other words, you need to capture an actual moment you are in and share with friends. If you uplod an existing photo from camera roll - it might ruin this whole idea.

How to post on BeReal?

  • Install BeReal app
  • Enable notifications on your device
  • Wait for the first Bereal notification and tap on it
  • You have only two minutes to post a Bereal
  • Use your camera in Bereal app - it is not possible to upload existing photos or videos
  • You can switch cameras - change selfie or back cameras
  • Select audience - Only Friends or Discover
  • You can use flashlight
  • If after taking a Bereal, you don't like it, it is still possible to retake it, before sending. Every time you retake it, will count as a retake.
  • Send your Bereal
  • After submitting your Bereal, you will be able to see posts from your friends

Bereal FAQs

If you fail to post within 2 minutes timeframe, you will still be able to post your Bereal. But, it will be called Late Bereal.

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