Can you use Plaid with Revolut?

hey there so I'm just trying to connect uh VR played app to some of the other apps specifically clear but like my question is can you use plate which is basically a Bank API app where you connect to your bank account like can you collect connect revolute so if I'm just search in revolut so I'm searching in US based app and it says it also allows like access to European UK Banks via plate but when I'm searching revolute it's often just it just says revolute UK some Sims you can uh you can authenticate with plate with revolute but mostly it will be like UK accounts so I'm just not sure it seems there is like a limitation with European accounts so if you're using revolut in Germany for example or stuff like that you you won't be able to connect it that often in that many apps as just UK revolut account so that's about it probably then you just need to reach out to revolute support or just figure it out there are still some issues here and there so that's just my insight

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