so how to enter priority queue in in the dream by wombo um so uh you can uh tap plus here and just uh like enter some prompt and then choose an art style and then start to create and that's uh and then it starts doing that but how to enter this priority queue so as you can see it takes quite a while right now so it's not instant and it can take like 10 seconds or 20 seconds or even up to a minute depending on complexity and depending like i think how many images you already generated and also like if you're adding some input image but overall it's it's it's generating it also sometimes this app can be a bit buggy and this image generating might not be finished so that's the idea um yeah so that's how it works and yep like but if you want to enter the priority queue soon this feature will be available by subscribing to dream premium so it's not there yet but it soon will be released and if you just subscribe for 4.99 per month so 19.99 per year you'll have like a much faster processing times so if you're using this app a lot and you have a lot of entertainment or using this for like some business purposes that's definitely you need to check it out because you know you will save like uh you can save a lot of time by doing this and it's definitely worth like five dollars or twenty dollars per year but it's not there yet it should be should be updated so that's an overview um yeah uh hope this is helpful and uh thank you for for checking out this amazing app

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