Can you use Saturn app without verification?

The Saturn app has recently undergone changes in order to enhance its security measures. Until a month ago, users were able to create an account without verification and gain access to various features within the app, such as school schedules. However, this raised concerns about the app's safety, prompting negative press coverage.

To address these concerns, the developers of Saturn app have now implemented strict verification blocks. This means that without undergoing the verification process, users will be unable to access crucial functions like chats, bulletins, and people directories. The introduction of these measures aims to make the app safer and more private for its users.

Verifying your account on Saturn app requires using your school email through either Google or Microsoft platforms. If you encounter any challenges during the verification process, the app's support team is available to assist you. It is worth noting that without undergoing the verification process, using the app becomes extremely limited. Users will be unable to chat, access bulletins, or view their friends' profiles. They may only be able to view certain types of calendars, but beyond that, the app's functionality will be greatly restricted.

In summary, the recent update of the Saturn app has made verification mandatory in order to utilize the majority of its features. By implementing these measures, the app aims to provide a safer and more secure experience for its users.

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