Can you use shapes & circles in NoteIt widget?

i'm just going through noted app feedback so this app just went viral and it's in the top charts in the app store uh so basically you can add pictures notes to to your friends and they will appear as on the widget on your friend's home screen so here is not the drawing but can you like use some shapes so at this moment these drawings are just limited to this so it's not possible to add any shape you can only change the colors like this but that's basically it so no it's not for example if i want to create a full circle like how i would do that so it's not possible to do that at this moment it's all also not possible to add like a paint brush or something like you know in purple powerpoint powerpoint paint or i don't know how that the app was used to call this like old-school app where you can just brush that or as in photoshop so yeah i don't think it's possible

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