Can you verify in Worldcoin app without ORB?

Can you verify in Worldcoin app without ORB?

The Worldcoin app is a new cryptocurrency platform that offers various grants for users to claim. However, in order to withdraw these grants, one must go through the process of verifying their account with World ID. This final step is crucial in completing the setup and accessing the grants, allowing users to send them to their preferred wallet.

Before reaching the verification stage, there are a few preliminary steps to complete. First, users must sign up and create an account using their phone number. This initial registration process is followed by enabling notifications, as it ensures that users are promptly informed about any updates or changes related to their Worldcoin account. Additionally, backing up the account is also advised, as it provides an extra layer of security and ensures that the user's data is not lost.

However, the verification process poses certain limitations. Unfortunately, there are not many ORBs available worldwide, making it challenging for users to find a convenient location. Countries like Denmark do not have any ORBs, while others, such as Germany, may have limited availability with only a couple of ORBs throughout the country. If you are in the United States, similar limitations may apply.

To verify your Worldcoin app account, an appointment at an ORB location is required. The verification process cannot be completed without an ORB, making it mandatory for users to find and schedule an appointment at one of the available locations. This requirement might present difficulties for users situated in areas where ORBs are scarce.

In summary, the Worldcoin app offers users the opportunity to claim grants for their cryptocurrency endeavors. However, accessing these grants requires completing a set of steps, culminating in the verification of the account using World ID. While the process includes signing up, enabling notifications, and backing up the account, the crucial verification step necessitates an appointment with an ORB. Unfortunately, the limited availability of ORBs poses a challenge for users who may find it difficult to locate an ORB nearby.

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