Can you watch Rave via Picture-in-picture on iPhone?

here's right app let's explore if it has picture-in-picture functionality meaning if you start watching something right app but then you want to browse something else on your iphone just go through apps your home screen uh the screen video should still pop up over your home screen in a smaller version so similar as you have is netflix or you have uh yeah with other services so for example i just want to search for something i just want to search for some videos so if something like that let's just try to watch that i'll just create arrive and then yeah so it works so as you can see it works perfectly i can just go back to my rave and that's basically it so yeah uh rave app works with picture and picture on iphone so in case you needed to make sure there you have it but not sure that chat works so you won't see the chat you will just see the video and maybe of course you will listen to voice chat messages that's that

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