Can you withdraw reserved Worldcoin in World app?

In a recent video transcript, the question is raised: "Can you withdraw or reserve world coins on the World app?" The speaker explains that while it is indeed possible to reserve world coins, the process of withdrawing them can be somewhat complicated.

To begin, the speaker suggests navigating to the grants tab within the app. Here, you can see the number of world coins that have already been reserved. For example, let's say there are currently 35 world coins reserved, with an estimated value of $62. This certainly seems promising and could cover the cost of a few coffees.

However, the speaker acknowledges that the challenge lies in actually withdrawing the reserved world coins. The process involves a verification step with a device called Orb. Unfortunately, there is no alternative method for verification, making it somewhat inconvenient. Additionally, the availability of the Orb device itself is limited. In the United States, for instance, it is only available in eight locations. The situation is better in Spain, where lucky residents can access 15 Orbs in cities like Barcelona and Madrid. However, in some countries, the Orb is not available at all.

For those outside of the limited countries where the Orb is available, the only option is to wait until it becomes accessible in their location or consider traveling to a place where it is available. After verifying your World ID with the Orb, there is still some waiting involved. Currently, even after the verification process, the ability to redeem the reserved world coins is not yet available. It is stated that this feature should be made available soon, although there is no specific timeline provided.

In summary, while it is possible to reserve world coins in the World app, withdrawing them can be a challenging process. Verification with the Orb device is necessary, and its availability is limited to a few select countries. Furthermore, even after verifying, the ability to redeem the reserved world coins is still pending. The hope is that the feature will be made available in a timely manner, so users can access their reserved coins without unnecessary delays.

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