Canceling Snapchat+ subscription - guide

canceling snapchat plus subscription is very straightforward and easy if you know uh how it works on ios or iphone so deleting the app won't cancel your subscription and i think deleting your snapchat account won't cancel it so what we'll do is just if you go to settings tap on your icloud and tap on your subscriptions menu so here usually that's where it is you can also access it from uh app store app but whatever you like it in app store app just tap on your profile in top right and then uh here you can see snapchat and then you can just tap here to cancel as on any other subscription so for example if i have this subscription imagine it's snapchat plus and change step red button here cancel subscription so there you have it snapchat plus also has a free trial uh so you can cancel that as well uh just depending on which plan you choose they have different plans they have monthly plan six months plan which will be cheaper and 12 months plan each of those plans you can cancel in the same way

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