Can’t accept friend request in Locket Widget app

hello in the login widget app a lot of people are reporting this bug but you just can't accept the friend request so if you just go to the friends tab in the top left you will see that um yeah like your friend your colleague sent you a friend request in the in the app they sent you here your phone number uh and then it just doesn't arrive here um so yeah just try to you know just reload this um like try a few times to go to this page because uh before that i just went to this page nothing was shown here and then after just like a few seconds maybe 10 seconds it's just loaded so just try to wait then what i would do is just you know swipe up uh and then uh that's basically how you reload the app try again open the app uh then yeah uh as you can see now it it loaded so you see there was some waiting time like three four seconds sometimes it's longer so yeah i just write it and then it loaded if this doesn't work uh then yeah just go to your account sign out try to log in back again then if that doesn't work try to uninstall the app install again sign in again so that's that's what you can try at least these things otherwise if you sold that just please leave a comment down below this video so maybe you can help some other people hope that is helpful

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