Can’t ADD A PHONE NUMBER in FaceTime - what to do

hello so here is facetime so uh some of my friends family just had they had this issue when you can't add your phone number uh your mobile to to the facetime so if you go to settings and try to add your phone number it just keeps reloading reloading and it's just never never there so what the issue was solved in this way so they just topped up their mobile phone number and that's it and then [Music] basically facetime already now send some verification sms which kind of didn't arrive but the operator charged for that and then after that the phone number was added successfully so basically facetime wants to verify that this is a real number which has some like money on it and that this number is active so facetime is testing this number in some way so that's basically how it is um so yep that's the idea so hope that is helpful yep so thank you for watching

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