Can’t add friends in BeReal app - what to do

so what you can do if you just can't add friends in google app and if when trying to send accept decline a friend request the button keeps spinning forever or there is some other similar issue just try the following kill the app and retry reinstall the apparent retry so to kill the app just double tap on the on the home screen and swipe up or just swipe up and this this way you will not just close the app but you kind of kill and refresh the app so this is different if you just go to home screen and go back to the app if you're just doing it in this way it won't actually refresh the app you can also just go and completely reinstall the app try that also they just posted an update that we are aware of this issue and our team is doing their best to solve this as soon as possible thank you for your patience you can of course contact burial support so just reach out contact adbury.l and if you still need some support so try that as well

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