Can’t change NGL Link in Instagram bio - issue overview

so regarding ngl app some of my viewers report these bugs that basically if you add ngi link to your instagram bio for some reason after that you are not able to change the link so yeah [Music] and then it says sometimes you need to wait for 14 days so it's not possible maybe it's some kind of instagram restriction that you can't change your ins any instagram link not ngl just like many times because you know you can post some content change the link post content change the link and do it many times per day and maybe it's just not allowed on instagram so if you're posting ngl link again again and changing that and just generating new ng link or i don't know something like that probably instagram might actually restrict you from doing that so probably that's illegal some people write some solutions what um uh yeah uh that they contacted instagram support and actually after waiting for a few days it worked so something around that so if you use an ngo app just be aware that you're probably you will have some issues if you're changing your link on instagram bio too often so just post it in your instagram stories or yeah you can also share it on tik tok or some other apps

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