CAN’t CHANGE USERNAME in BeReal app - what to do?

so some users can't change username in in burial apps so let's investigate so in their burial support website it says the changing your username in brielle will only be effective after you have taken your next burial so there you have it that's the catch until then your current username will be used for all reactions so that's why if after taking your next burial you can still see your old username please take some screenshots and contact us so here's how you can contact them contact adbury.all and for example here is burial app i can just tap on my profile tap on my profile again and i can easily added username so here it says your new username will be active after your post on the next burial notification so you can change it now it doesn't change it only changes after next day or after a specific time you receive notification and post a new burial so it can take you up from like you know a few hours to like get one day for this username to be changed and that's just how it works so don't be confused that's a tiny detail so if you were confused about it and didn't know like why it's not changing that's why

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