Can’t create account in Gas app - what to do?

so for some reason when I try to create an account in gazab it doesn't work [Music] it says sorry we only allow mobile phone numbers and then it just doesn't work I don't receive confirmation code I don't know what's the issue there it says November never sign up is another person's phone number so basically I just can't create an account in this app uh yeah like I think also the issue is that this app is available only in United States so as you can see it's now available in Pennsylvania Missouri Wisconsin Indiana Ohio Michigan uh yeah but then it's it's not available anywhere else seems like that it's not available in Canada UK or Europe at this moment and it's only available in selected schools so that's that but apart from that I thought I would just be able to create my account and claim username or something like that but seems it's not there um so yeah if you have any suggestions how to solve it I already reached out to their support you can always just tap on app support and reach out to them so and then uh yes so that's basically it uh um so that's basically the idea uh yeah you can reach out to support if you scroll to the bottom here there is like a okay now basically you can go to help at to to reach out um so yeah that's basically the idea uh hope that was helpful

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