Can’t create account in HIVE SOCIAL APP - errors

so I'm just going here to reserve some of their use of Hive social app it's like it's in the top charts right now in the US App Store but seems uh there are some issues with it uh some people can't create an account it's a scan login it's just my emails already in use uh so some people can receive verification email some people say it's just because Sims this app is being built in flutter it's like cross-platform so that therefore it off has this a bit like a poor performance and now as because it's like in the top charts of the US App Store is literally yeah like it has like probably hundreds of thousands users trying to sign up but it's uh uh it doesn't work so as you can see a lot of these reviews uh failed to sign up uh can't sign up not on in help to create an account and so many users try to create an account in this app as is one of the alternatives to Twitter it's very nicely designed like very nice Vibe it's kind of Instagram with Twitter so it has like Instagram Vibes and Twitter wipes combined and music but like there are so many bugs probably because it's in top charts right now so hopefully all of this should be resolved soon and we will able to enjoy the app if you were able to solve the issues on the app just leave some comments below

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