so some people are saying that uh your burial account is not deleted so be aware that there is a 15 day waiting period so if you log back in during these 15 days the deletion of your account will be cancelled so also that so if you think your account wasn't deleted after you asked it to be maybe it's just this so first you need to wait 15 days second you don't you can't log back in during this period the moment you log back in it's all cancelled and you need to start the process again so if you have encountered any issues with it or if if you waited 15 days and it's still not deleted you just need to reach out to support here's the address email contact at bureau bureau dot l so try that and yeah in the real app to delete an account just tap on your profile in top right tap on three dots dots in top right i think other you know it's also somewhere hidden uh it's like help faq nope contact us and then delete account here in the bottom so that's what you need to do and then again you can see notification here that you will be logged out immediately and your account and all your data will be scheduled to be permanently deleted in 15 days but if you log in within these 15 days your account will no longer be deleted so yup that's the idea hope it is helpful

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