CAN’t DELETE BEREAL - what to do?

so what to do if you just can't delete your burial and so be aware that deleting your bureau is only possible once a day it's not possible you know to post a burial delete post burial delete uh obviously the app is interested that you don't delete all your bureaus all the time so just be aware that if you have taken a second bureau after deleting your first one you won't be able to delete the later uh however if after deleting your first bureau of the day you can still see it on home page take a screenshot and reach out to support so you can always reach out support by this email address and yeah also deleting a burial is a bit hidden so you can only delete like one burial uh your lightest one so just it will appear in my friend's feed in the top then you need to tap on the just under the picture on the date then tap on three dots in the bottom right and then you will have the option to delete your burial so that's what you can do hope that was helpful direction

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