Can’t do video calls in Messenger - what to do?

hey everyone so if you try to call in a messenger uh it actually doesn't really work um yeah so messenger calls don't work because seems like facebook app instagram app whatsapp app are all down uh and they are down for almost like two hours so if you just try to do like a call it doesn't work so and then if you try to call again via whatsapp it also won't work if you try to reinstall the app probably it won't solve the issue uh so yeah what you can do is just like a call via skype or viber so you can see skype here or you can call via uh viber yeah i'm just there are a lot of breaking news about this facebook outage the reasons are not exactly clear but you can use viber you can use probably telegram to call people um yeah skype there's also like free solutions so there you have it that's google duo try that um and yeah so if you have any other ideas how to call vr messenger in this situation just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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