Can’t find school in GAS app - what to do?

so what to do if you can't find your school in the gas app so if you try searching for a while and you still can't find it there is that uh appears this pop-up and then it says try searching for a school in different ways if you still can't find it you can skip this step and then you can just uh skip this step but then it just says uh gas is not available in your location yet so that's that turn on notifications to claim your username when your school is available um so that's that if you can't find your school that's just what happens in the app this app is is not yet available worldwide as you can see it's just says now available Pennsylvania Illinois Wisconsin Missouri Indiana Ohio Michigan I don't know how old this image is or yeah but basically that's where this app is available probably they just released the app and I want to test it out with as many users as possible but not rolling out across all United States because maybe there will be some bugs maybe there are servers we don't have enough capacity and all of that so yeah that's what it is

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