Can’t login to Dream by Wombo app - glitchy - what you can do?

so i can't open dream by wombo ai app so when i open the app right now it just says i'm experience server issues i can't log in and yeah this is what i have it just keeps popping up and then i have error file to fight user authentication information please try again and then you just tap retry and try again so yeah i don't know what's the issue here like of course the the issues that this app went in the top charts of the us app store and there are like literally i guess hundreds of thousands or millions of users trying to come up to this app and yep so that's basically what's happening like so either you need to wait until they fix it or wait for app update try in few hours also another suggestion would be to to just try not in peak hours so majority of users are from us so the logical thing to yeah to assume is that the the most users coming to the app are like from like around like 11 eastern time to like 5 6 p.m eastern time so this is the period of top users um so during this period just try not to use this app try either in the evening us time or morning us time or uh during the night yes time so try that and then yeah that should help to solve the issue

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