Can’t receive Stripe notifications on iPhone - what to do?

hey everyone so for some reason i don't receive striped notifications on mobile so if there is a new customer or just new sign up like new email some activity i don't get them i don't know why maybe there is some issue so first i will just go to the settings and then search for stripe there is also stripe express app but anyways i'll just do this and re-enable notifications i can change banner style sounds badges notification grouping i can do that something like that i hope that should work what else they say here i'm just trying to search as well in just in google check if you have the latest version of our app installed and update if not log out and log back in again so there you have it so if i just go to uh like app store and then i just need to check so there is stripe dashboard app which i have here and seems this is this is the app uh i'm just open it up and this is how it should look so sims is the lightest version so anyways that's what i would do hope it is helpful um thank you for watching if you if you have any other ideas how to fix this issue please leave it in the comments below because i don't know if what i've said here fixed the issue um maybe you know maybe it's iphone model ios model or you know what what can be that

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